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George E. Corson Honor Scholarship/Award
Dr. Corson was a botanist, Omicron adviser and supporter, and faculty member of the Department of Biological Sciences. CRITERIA: Major in biological sciences, microbiology, or botany. Senior or graduate student, active member of Omicron Theta Epsilon and has completed a minimum of 15 units in the major. Awards based on GPA, at least one letter of recommendation, letter of intent from the applicant addressing Omicron involvement, curricular and extracurricular biological activities, and professional goals.
Year Awardees
1991 Jody Bickford, Sharol Lindenstein, Vivian Parker
1992 No Award
1993 Charles Kay, Shelley Kirn, Ron Loggins, Cathryn Whitmore
1994 Josephine Guardino, Michelle Shouse
1995 Katherine Eckert, Pamela Lee, Heidi West
1996 Cary Coburn, Julia Evans, Rebecca LaFond, Sean Maiorano, Randall Vivian
1997 Marco Campbell, Brian Sardell
1998 Amy Palko, Natalie Wight
1999 Ezra Fraser, Rebecca O’Flaherty, Cynthia Graves, David Parks
2000 Valy Boulom
2001 Lee Thao, Shereen Burton, Sheryl Jakobsen
2002 Jalien Higgins, Gary Lechner
2003 Tara Miller
2004 No Award
2005 No Award
2006 Will Razor, Shevan Khaki, Jake Lenington
2007 Sheevan Khaki, Candice Otoone, Sydney Wood
2008 No Award
2009 Molly Thompson
2010 Paterra Yang
2011 Michael Kirmiz
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