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Jim Jokerst Field Botany Award
Each spring the Friends of The Chico State Herbarium at California State University Chico offers an award to support and encourage student research involving field aspects of botany and ecology. This award is named in memory of Jim Jokerst, a graduate of CSU Chico, an excellent field botanist and a well known and highly respected botanist in the northern California botanical community. Jim was also an active user and supporter of The Chico State Herbarium when he was a student at CSU Chico and a botanical consultant in the Chico area (later to be highly regarded at a Sacramento consulting firm). This award is in the amount of $1000 and has been awarded to deserving graduate and undergraduate students annually since 1995.
Year Awardees
1995 Dan Efseaff, Elizabeth Hubert
1996 Deborah Topp, Caroline Warren
1997 Mike Dunbar, Loren Gehrung, Samantha Mackey
1998 Laura Bogni, Ann Willyard
1999 David Parks, Frances Phipps, Natalie Wight
2000 Leah Mahan
2001 Gavin Blosser, Colby Boggs
2002 Paul Kirk
2003 Halli Gaddis
2004 Christine Hantelman
2005 Catherine Little
2006 Sheli Wingo-Tussing
2007 Prairie Johnston
2008 No Award
2009 Melanie Williams
2010 Melissa Ha
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