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Lieutenant Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award Scholarship

Mrs. Fern Rawlins established the Lieutenant Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award Scholarship endowment in 1981 in memory of her son Robert. Mrs. Rawlins had three sons, all of whom served in World War II. Two of her sons returned home. Tragically, her son Robert, an army pilot, was lost over Tokyo Bay while flying a B-29. He was awarded the Silver Star for his action and he is recognized, along with other Chico State Alumni who lost their lives defending our country during WWII, on the bronze plaque near the flag pole on Kendall Hall Lawn. Mrs. Rawlins had a keen interest in education and believed in rewarding merit and achievement. It was her wish to remember her son and his contributions by rewarding excellent students. In accordance with her wishes, faculty nominations should be based on the nominees' seriousness of intent to obtain an education and increase personal knowledge, and their ability to pursue a successful life in any chosen capacity, as evidenced by their scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding professionally-related and academic accomplishments.
2004 Matthew Doty 2004 Matthew Doty
Year Awardees
1983 Julie Op
1984 Diane Fortenberry
1985 Sandra Morey
1986 David Andreas
1987 Laurie Archambault
1988 Dena Hauskens, Matthew McQuaid
1989 Douglas Burcombe, Andrew Somma
1990 David Pompa
1991 Sharol Lindenstein, Kim Woodhead
1996 Robert Pompa
1999 Valy Boulom, Jalien Higgins
2000 Teresa Munoz
2001 Shelley Aldrich
2004 Matthew Doty
2009 Kyle May
2010 Juan Araujo, Rick Schulken

Jack Rawlins Ecology and Conservation Awards

Year Awardees
2000 John Hung, Leah Mahan, Jamie Watts
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