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Tom Rodgers Outstanding Researcher Award
This award was established in 1997 and is named for a former professor in the Biological Sciences department, Tom Rodgers, who was an enthusiastic proponent of student research. The award is given to the student(s) whose poster at the Biological Sciences Annual Poster Symposium is selected by the judges as best representing the scientific endeavor. Names of students winning this award are added to the plaque for this award that is outside the department office.
Tom Rodgers Outstanding Researcher Award
Year Awardees Poster Title Advisor
1997 Ronald E. Loggins Comparison of Four Populations of California Roach (Lavinia Symmetricus) using RAPD Markers Jeff Bell
1998 Maura Eagan Agricultural habitat use and perch preferences exhibited by red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) and American kestrels (Falco sparverius) in the Sacramento Valley, Calirfornia Roger Lederer
1999 Moaiad Kanaan Stressed Escherichia coli respond by overexpressing the heatshock proteins Dnak and Signa-S transiently expressing Sigma-32 protein Jeff Bell
2000 Carina M. Jung Characterization of JP-7 jet fuel degradation by the bacterium Nocardioides luteus Larry Hanne
2001 Cary Coburn MTBE induced genotoxicity in mouse hepatocytes as assessed by the comet assay John Mahoney and Larry Hanne
2002 Glen Lubcke, Jack Campbell, Gary Lechner Variation in shell mophology of the Northwestern pond turtle (Clemmys Marmorata Marmorata) from three freshwater habitats in Northern California Dawn S. Wilson
2003 Julia Terry Control of Yellow Starthistle (Centaurea Solstitialis) in Richfield, California using light and heavy grazing techniques Robert Schlising
2004 Colleen Martin, Michelle Sopoliga, Michelle Ocken Habitat utilization and selection by birds within a chaparral community with notes on avian and plant diversity Raymond J. Bogiatto
2005 Alan Raetz Isolating an olfactory-related gene in Drosophila melanogaster Jeff Bell
2006 Khang V. Do, Chris L. Clifford Biochemical Investigation of Reverse Prenylation in Lyngbyatoxin A Biosynthesis Daniel J. Edwards
2007 Adam M. Ferris Rebulation of synapse formation: The Role of Calcineiurin and protein kinase A in the distribution of synapse specific proteins in rat hippocampal neurons in vitro Jonathan Day
2008 Nicole J. Huber Binding characteristics of amino acids inhibiting feeding in the marine tintinnid ciliate Favella sp. Gordon Wolfe


2009 Akiko Masuda Natal origin of juvenile loggerhead turtles from foraging grounds in Nicaragua and Panama with newly suggested mitochondrial DNA primers Tag Engstrom
2010 Brandee Stone Examination of the abundance, distribution, and diversity of reduced phosphorus oxidizing bacteria and their oxidation pathways in the environment Andrea White
2011 Ninette Daniele Western Pond turtle population characteristics at four sites in Northern California Tag Engstrom
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