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Graduate Student Projects

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McNulty, Robert. 1990. Concentration and replication of Clostridium sporogenes after ingestion by Chironomids: A model for avian botulism intoxication.
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Naraya, Daisy. 1993. Degradation and induction specificity in actinomycetes that degrade para-nitrophenol.

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Thao, My Lo Ly. 1995. DNA regions conserved among p-nitrophenol degrading Arthrobacter species.
Sato, Hiromi. 2000. Characterization and distribution of a novel insertion sequence element found in p-nitrophenol degrading Arthrobacter.
Jung, Carina. 2000. Characterization JP-7 jet fuel degradation by the bacterium Nocardioides luteus.
Holochwost, Daniel. 2001. Cloning and sequence analysis of a plasmid-encoded single-stranded DNA binding protein from Arthrobacter aurescens strain TW17.
Amendola, John. 2004. Evolutionary origins of an Arthrobacter aurescens p-nitrophenol monooxygenase gene.