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The Biological Sciences Seminars are now available for viewing. The presentations have been transcribed and the transcriptions with PowerPoints are available online.

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College of Natural Sciences Alumni Reunion:
October 11-12, 2013

Colleen Hatfield

Colleen Hatfield

Office Hours:

Spring 2014

Monday and Wednesday = 1-3pm | Tuesday = 4-5pm

Assistant Professor of Biology

Department of Biological Sciences
California State University
Chico, California 95929-0515

Office: Holt 240

Campus phone # (530) 898-4235

Research Interests:

My research utilizes the principles of landscape ecology to study topics ranging from invasion dynamics and conservation biology to understanding implications of changing landscapes. The unifying theme of my research is how the spatial pattern of resource distribution on a landscape affects ecological processes, from individual behavior to population and community dynamics. I approach these topics with a variety of tools including empirical investigations, computer modeling and spatial analysis.

I study landscape ecology and the interaction between spatial patterns and ecological processes. I am particularly interested in:

  • Riparian ecosystems and watershed processes
  • Landscape change
  • Invasion ecology