Biological Sciences Seminars Available for Viewing

The Biological Sciences Seminars are now available for viewing. The presentations have been transcribed and the transcriptions with PowerPoints are available online.

Graduate Students Wanted

Talented student researchers interested in pursuing the Master of Science degree in biology.  Check out the research interests of our faculty and get in touch with your potential advisor today!

Donor Impact Report now available.

College of Natural Sciences Alumni Reunion:
October 11-12, 2013

Joel Mintzes

Joel MintzesPh.D. Professor

Office Hours:

Fall 2011


Department of Biological Sciences
California State University
Chico, California 95929-0515

Office: Holt 206

Campus phone # (530) 898-4550


NSCI 343 Concepts of Environmental Sciences


Conceptual Development and Cognitive Processes in Biology; Environmental Education. Our research focuses on knowledge acquisition and learning in the life sciences with special interest in the way naive individuals and experts restructure their understanding of biological concepts over time.