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James Pushnik

James Pushnik

Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development

Department of Biological Sciences

California State University
Chico, California 95929-0515

Office: SSC 464C
Campus phone # (530) 898-3331
Campus FAX # (530) 898-5060

Research Interests:

General research interests are in the physiological response mechanisms of plants to environmental stresses and their impact on growth and development.

Specific areas of current research and links to journal citations:

  • Use of remote sensing technologies to monitor physiological processes of plant canopies
  • Growth, physiological, biochemical, morphological and molecular responses of forests species to elevated atmospheric CO2 and and associated climate change conditions.
  • Responses of agricultural plant species to nutrient-deficiency conditions.
  • Effects of atmospheric pollutants on plant growth and productivity.
  • Avoidance, accumulation, sequestration and partitioning of heavy metals by plants and their potential use in phytoremediation.