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Douglas Alexander

Professor Emeritus

Department of Biological Sciences
California State University
Chico, California 95929-0515



Research Interests:

Department History:

The Department of Biological Sciences granted graduate degrees in Biology starting in 1950 and Botany starting in 1970. A brief history of graduate research in Biological Sciences over the last 50 years was presented at the fall 2000 Biology Alumni meeting on October 14. With the help of many of the faculty, the program I organized presented an overview of the strong support the Department of Biological Sciences has had for combining research and teaching. We had faculty presentations representing every decade from 1950 into 2000. I developed a booklet for the meeting that attempted to list all of the students that were granted graduate degrees by The Department of Biological Sciences. It also provided a chronological listing of students that were awarded degrees and a listing of students under their major professors. The department still has a few of these booklets. I will be glad to have the department send interested alumni these booklets. I also have a two hour video of the presentation and, if there is interest, I can make copies for interested alumni.