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Fall 2011


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Irene Salter

PhD (University of California, San Francisco, 2002)

Department of Biological Sciences
California State University
Chico, California 95929-0515

Office: Holt 341

Campus phone # (530) 898-6340

Irene Y. Salter, PhD (University of California, San Francisco, 2002) is committed to hands-on, inquiry-based science teaching. Her fascination with "learning by doing" began with her PhD research at the University of California, San Francisco where she studied the neural circuits that drive motivated behavior and learning. In graduate school she discovered her love of teaching and hasn't turned back since. She spent the next four years teaching middle school science in Berkeley and creating a classroom where students work together like real scientists. She also spent some time at the Lawrence Hall of Science, developing curriculum for the GEMS Program. Her current passions lie in creating new hands-on science lessons, teaching teachers, and fostering the growth of an on-line community of educators and scientists. For example, she mentors elementary teachers in the Chico Unified School District, helping them to shape their science curriculum, modeling science teaching practices in their classrooms, and providing an online space to share resources and teaching ideas. Check out examples of her curriculum, as well as those of her partner teachers, at My Science Box.