The Biological Sciences Seminars are now available for viewing. The presentations have been transcribed and the transcriptions with PowerPoints are available online.
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Graduate Student Responsibilities


Graduate school is more than just taking a few more classes. It is a high level commitment to biology. Although each student will work closely with their major research advisor and thesis advisory committee, the student is ultimately responsible for progressing through the program in a timely manner. This includes:

  • Coursework, thesis research, and appropriate paperwork (Summary checklist)
  • Exams:
    • General GRE (before acceptance into the program)
    • Biology GRE (before acceptance into the program)
    • Program Qualifying Exam (before end of first year of enrollment)
  • Research Progress Form - Must be completed and turned in to Graduate Coordinator each semester
  • Committee Meetings - organize and meet with advisory committee each semester
  • Program Plan - Must be completed by end of first semester of graduate study and submitted to Graduate Studies
  • Teaching Associates (TA) - must formally apply for the position to the department.  more info