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Biological Sciences & Botany: Examples of Past Masters Theses

Amendola, John. 2005. Evolutionary origins of an Arthrobacter aurescens p-nitrophenol monooxygenase gene.
Angelito, Robert. 2001. The physiological effects of neutrophil-derived hypochlorous acid on the isolated rat heart.
Bauer, Scott. The biochemical response of sucrose phosphate synthase on Pinus ponderosa exposed to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Blosser, Gavin. 2004. Diversity and characterization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the soils of vernal pools in northern California.
Boggs, Colby. 2001. Reproductive biology of Dudleya cymosa subsp. Cymosa (Crassulaceae), a native Californian succulent
Borders, Briana. 2004. Comparison of leaf litter decomposition rates in restored and mature riparian forests on the Sacramento River.
Boulom, Valy. 2001. Transcriptional regulation of cardiac neural crest cell migration by homeobox genes Pax3 and Msx2.
Bracken, Caragwen. Bird species diversity on four gravel bars along the upper Sacramento River: Does being contiguous to a mature riparian forest make a difference?
Bradford, Darhl. 2003. Hybridization of Platanus racemosa in California's riparain woodlands.
Brown, Patricia. 2005. Protist genetic diversity in the hydrothermal environments of Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Burton, Shereen. 2004. Prevalence and egg development of raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) in Butte County, California.
Campbell, Marco. Morphological effects of injected projesterone on Western Fence Lizards: Sceloporus occidentalis
Cederborg, Michelle. 2003. Analysis of Sacramento River cottonwood root growth when exposed to simulated groundwater recession rates and its relevance to the overall recruitment strategy.
Coburn, Cary. 2001 MTBE induced genotoxicity in mouse hepatocytes as assessed by the comet assay
Costella, Guistina. 2004. Seed dormancy and germination in Sidalcea hirsuta an endemic species to vernal pools.
Croes, Scott. Seasonal variation in freeze tolerance and cryoprotectant synthesis of the Pacific tree frog Hyla regilla
Delmas, Andrew. The effect of fire on California's native grasslands in the absence of grazing at the Nature Conservancy's Vina Plains Preserve, in Southern Tehama County
Doalson, Marc. Morphological variation and reproductive biology of a native Californian geophyte, Brodiacea californica (Liliaceae)
Eagan, Maura. An analysis of the perch preferences exhibited by red-tailed hawks and American kestrels in the Sacramento Valley, California.
Efseaff, Daniel. Root growth patterns in valley oak and Fremont cottonwood seedlings
Ellberg, Sherry. 2001. A quantitative genetic analysis of Clarkia lingulata and Clarkia biloba ssp. Australis (Onagraceae)
Elliott, Douglas. Summer adult reproductive diapause in Melanoplus devastator (Orthoptera: Acrididae).
Eltgroth, Matthew. 2005. Cellular localization of polyunsaturated long chain neutral lipids in Emiliana huxleyi and Isochrysis galbana.
Gallaway, Jody. Feeding ecology of wintering wood ducks Aix sponsa, in riparian habitats within the Butte Basin, California
Gehrung, Loren. 2001. Investigations in the genus Vaccinium in northern California and southern Oregon by RAPD analysis
Gibson, Garrett. Physical anatomical, and environmental factors influencing seed germination in three species of Astragalus L. (Fabaceae) from Plumas County, California
Hantelman, Christine. 2004. Ecological life history of a checkerbloom, Sidalcea robusta (Malvaceae), a rare endemic plant of Butte County, California.
Hendrick, Michael. 2001. Environmental factors and their effects on floral community structures in three montane meadows in Butte County, California
Holochwost, Daniel. 2001. Cloning and sequence analysis of a plasmid encoded single stranded DNA binding protein (SSB) gene from Arthrobacter aurescens strain TW17
Hubbell, Jean. Competitive effects of intercropping alfalfa with valley oak and blue elderberry seedlings
Hunt, John. 2004. Comparison of epigeal beetle assemblages in remnant and restored riparian forests on the middle Sacramento River, California.
Janes, Julie. 2004. Ultrastructural localization of calcineurin in rat hippocampus using microwave-assisted protocols.
Jung, Carina. Characterization of JP-7 jet fuel degradation by the bacterium Nocardioides luteus
Kanaan, Moaiad. 2001. Molecular systematics and evolutionary relationships between four native cyprinids (roach, hitch, hardhead and Sacramento pike minnow), the golden shiner and the Sacramento sucker, and relationship to nonnative cyprinids
Kapoor, Anil. 2005. Genetic analysis of Clarkia lingulata and Clarkia biloba ssp. australis parent and F1 generation using AFLP fingerprinting.
Kavousi, Bahram. 2004. Physiological and ultrastructural analysis of leaves in response to class III peroxidase antisense gene silencing.
Kindopp, Jason. Intragravel egg survival of fall run chinook salmon in the lower Feather River, Butte County, California
Kirk, Paul. 2003. Hypridization of Juglans hindsii in riparian forests of northern California.
Kirn, Shelly. Environmental factors affecting Notonecta kirbyi (Hemiptera: Notonectidae) predation in vernal pools at Vina Plains Reserve, Tehama County, California
Lechner, Gary. 2004. Movement patterns, habitat use and population structure of western pond turtles (Actinemys marmorata) at a disturbed site in northern California.
Loggins, Ronald. Comparison of four populations of California roach, Lavinia symmetricus using RAPD markers
Loper, Christina. 2004. Nest site selection by the desert tortoise, Gopherus agassizii, in the Mojave Desert.
Lubcke, Glen. 2004. Habitat use and population structure of the western pond turtle (Actinemys marmorata) in Big Chico Creek, Butte County, California.
Lum, Kenneth. 2001. Catchability and introgression of largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides at Lake Oroville: A comparison of the northern and Florida strains using RAPD markers as a diagnsotic tool
Matel, John. The woodrat, Neotoma fuscipes, in Sierra mixed conifer/tanoak forests of Northern California
Mackey, Samantha. A life history study and geometric population growth model of a rare borage, Crypthantha crinita
Mahan, Leah. 2001. The growth and reproduction of Centromadia fitchii (A. Gray) Greene, a tarweed in the northern Sacramento Valley of California
Miller, Richard. 2001. Macrorestriction fragment analysis of E. coli O157:H7 isolates collected from California public health laboratories using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE)
Moore, Teri. Condition and feeding of juvenile chinook salmon in selected intermittent tributaries of the Upper Sacramento River
Pella-Donnelly, Mary Anne. Big Chico Creek/Lindo Channel flow split and salmonid survival
Phipps, Frances. 2001. Population genetics of Howellia aquatilis A. Gray (Campanulaceae) in disjunct locations throughout the pacific northwest
Sato, Hiromi. Characterization and distribution of a novel insertion sequence element found in p-nitrophenol degrading Arthrobacter
Shaw, Daniel. Changes in the population size and colony location of breeding waterbirds at Eagle Lake, California, between 1970 and 1997
Simpson, Michele. Effects of an electrical fish guidance system on juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorynchus tshawytscha)
Topp, Deborah. The responses of Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven) seedlings to root anoxia
Tucker, James. 2001. Genetic structure of Phycoiodes pulchellus in northern California using RAPD profiling and phenotypic comparisons
Viale, Tiffany. 2002. Effects of hypochlorous acid and monochloramine on vascular physiology.
Warren, Caroline. Seed ecology of Chamaesyce hooveri (Euphorbiacae) at Vina Plains Preserve, Tehama county, California.
Watts, Jamison. 2004. Timber harvest, habitat alteration and northern goshawk territory occupancy and nest productivity on northern California's private timberlands.
Whitcher, Carrie. 2001. Classification and phylogeny of Nasutimimus and Termitomimus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)
Whitmore, Catherine. Reversion of Enterococcus faecium vancomycin dependence to vancomycin independence: a genetic analysis
Willyard, Ann. 2001. Mapping disease resistance genes in western white pine and sugar pine
Wood, Kelly. The effects of two fungicides, vinclozolin and iprodione on the in utero development of reproductive structures in rats
Wright, Sabrina. 2001. The ecology of over-water nesting ducks at Eagle Lake, Lassen County, California