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Faculty Research


Full-Time Faculty

Jeffrey Bell Bell, Jeffrey
Chair, Biology 
Holt 205 
Teaching: Principles of Genetics (Biol 360)
Research: Evolution and regulation of the vertebrate msx2 homeobox gene.
Advising:  Pre-Dentistry/Dental Hygiene, Cell/Molecular Biology
Mandy Banet Banet, Mandy
Assistant Professor 
Holt 250
Teaching: Aquatic Ecology (BIOL 404), Field Ecology (BIOL 484)
Research: The Banet Lab studies aquatic ecology, evolution, and physiology, with a focus on fish conservation. Much of our current research concentrates on the ecology and conservation physiology of Pacific salmon
Advising:  TBD
Kristopher Blee Blee, Kristopher
Associate Professor 
Holt 301H 
Teaching: Principles of Biology (Biol 151), Plant Development (Biol 440), Plant Pathology (Biol 446), Topics in Cell/Molecular Biology (Biol 610), Plant Molecular Biology (Biol 670)
Research: Plant-microbe interactions, and function of the secretory peroxidase gene family in plants.
Advising:  Plant Biology, Cell/Molecular Biology
Troy Cline Cline, Troy
Assistant Professor 
Holt 301J
Teaching: Clinical Laboratory Observation (BIOL 389), General Virology (BIOL 476)
Research: TBD
Advising:  TBD
Jonathan Day Day, Jonathan
Holt 223 
Teaching: Human Physiology (Biol 104), Vertebrate Physiology (Biol 416), Neurophysiology (Biol 418)
Research: Successful aging, brain-hormone interactions, learning and memory, diseases of the aging brain.
Advising: Pre-Medicine, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Veterinarian, Cell/Molecular Biology, Graduate Coordinator
Tag Engstrom Engstrom, Tag
Associate Professor 
Holt 221
Teaching: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (Biol 430), General Zoology Lab (Biol 210), Graduate Student Seminar (Biol 605)
Research: Systematics, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles, particularly turtles.
Advising:  Ecological Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology
Tag Engstrom Fleming-Nuester, Emily
Assistant Professor 
Holt 328
Teaching: Bacterial Physiology (BIOL 412), General Microbiology (BIOL 371), Application of the Scientific Method to Questions in the Biological Sciences (BIOL 611).
Research: Working to understand the role metal oxidizing bacteria play in heavy-metal toxicity and their connection to carbon cycling
Advising:  Microbiology students emphasizing in either Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) or General Microbiology
Colleen Hatfield Hatfield, Colleen
Associate Professor 
Holt 240

Center for Ecological Research Director
 BIOL 350, BIOL 660, BIOL 600
Research: How the spatial pattern of resource distribution on a landscape affects ecological processes, from individual behavior to population and community dynamics.
Advising: Plant Biology, Ecological Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology

Christppher Ivey Ivey, Christopher 
Assistant Professor 
Holt 306 
Teaching: Advanced Plant Biology (Biol 369), BIOL 151 and 152
Research: Plant-insect interactions, mating systems, functional morphology, and population genetics of plants.
Advising:  Plant Biology, Ecological Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology
David Keller Keller, David
Assistant Professor
Holt 318
Teaching: Principles of Physiology & Development (Biol 153); Cell Biology (Biol 411); Advanced Cell/Molecular Biology (Biol 609)
Research: Gene regulation and beta cell physiology
Advising: Cell/Molecular Biology
John Mahoney

Mahoney, John
Associate Professor
Holt  114
898-6410 or 898-4767

Teaching: Immunology (Biol 466), Hematology (BIOL 462)
Research: Host-pathogen interactions, inflammation, and signal transduction.
Advising:  Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veterinarian, Cell/Molecular Biology, Honors
Don Miller Miller, Donald
Associate Professor 
Holt 213
Teaching: BIOL 322, General Entomology (Biol 422)
Research: Behavioral ecology, especially of invertebrates, ecology and evolution of social behavior and social parasitism, insect-plant interactions.
Advising: Ecological Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology, Zoology
Kristina Schierenbeck Schierenbeck, Kristina
Holt 308
898- 6099
Teaching: BIOL 302, 408, and 448
Research: Population Genetics, Conservation Invasive species
Advising: Ecological Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology and Plant Biology
David Stachura Stachura, David
Assistant Professor
Holt 313
Teaching: Topics in Cell/Molecular Biology (BIOL 610)
Research: Utilizing zebrafish as a model system to investigate hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell proliferation, differentiation, and dysregulation
Advising: TBD
Gordon Wolfe Wolfe, Gordon
Holt 343 
Teaching: Microbial Ecology (Biol 402), General Microbiolgy (Biol 371)
Research: Chemical signaling and defense among marine protists, molecular ecology, lipid biology of marine algae, education research.
Advising:  Microbiology, Ecology, Cell/Molecular Biology

Recently Retired Faculty

Abruzzo, Michael
Professor Emeritus
Teaching: Genetics, Human Genetics, Medical Genetics, and Biology of Cancer.
Research: Molecular cytogenetics, especially Fragile X syndrome.
Alexander, Douglas
Professor Emeritus
Research:  Invertebrate population adaptations to periodic environments and how these populations assemble into communities and influence ecosystem function.
Barnett, Raymond
Professor Emeritus
Derr, William
Professor Emeritus
Kistner, David
Professor Emeritus
Research: Insect social behavior, Insect Systematics; Host relationships. Editor, Sociobiology..
McEnteggart, Ailsie 
Teaching: Concepts of Biology (Biol 101), Biological Principles (Biol 152), Botany (Biol 209), Plant Morphology (Biol 225), Phycology (Biol 226)
Research: Morphology of freshwater algae.
Thomas, Robert
Professor Emeritus
Teaching: Vertebrate Physiology 
Research: DNA breaks in the mussel and clam following chronic field exposure to hydrocarbons
Wood, David
Professor Emeritus
Teaching: Ecology, Plant Geography;
Research: Plant community ecology; restoration ecology