Basketball All-Star to Use Skills Off Court and On-Air

By: Stephen Graydon

Her coach calls her a gamer. She’s the kind of player who’s not afraid to take the shot, to push through and make the play. Named Player of the Week by the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), second team All-West Region, twice first team All-CCAA, and one of only 10 women to cross the 1,000-point threshold, Jazmine Miller will soon leave California State University, Chico with her name still ringing in the bleachers.

Jazmine Miller
Jazmine Miller gives us an exclusive between practice and school.
With modest pride, Miller acknowledges her family: “I wouldn’t be here without either of my parents coming to my games,” she said. “My mom has only missed one game in my whole career.” Twenty-eight games a year for four years, from Seattle to Los Angeles, Miller’s mom, Sylvia Price, missed only one road game in her daughter’s time at CSU, Chico—now that’s a fan.

Raised in Fairfield, California, Miller appreciates the short distance between home and Chico. But after this semester she is looking to break out a little further with the National Exchange program.

Miller is hoping to go to Atlanta where she has family. “That way if I go alone, well, I won’t be totally alone,” she said.

Miller celebrated the end to her Chico State basketball career with coach Brian Fogel and her senior teammates on Senior Night March 1, an event she had anticipated would be emotional. “We were his (Fogel’s) first class,” she said. They have been together for thousands of miles, countless practice hours, and all the victory and defeat along the way.

The gamer in Miller shines through in her attitude toward her upcoming free time. “Friends ask me if I want to go do something,” said Miller, “and now, there isn’t a ‘no’ in the situation.”

Ever-ready for the next opportunity, Miller is cavalier and confident. She doesn’t have some Kodak moment guiding her way, just the intuition and the will to always move forward. Whether the opponent is an old rival or the challenge of getting interviews instead of giving them, Jazmine Miller is game.