Senior Spotlight: Max Erwin

By: Megan Katz

People say that if you find something you love, then you never have to work another day in your life. At 21 years old, Max Erwin has already found this to be true.

As a freshman in fall 2009, Erwin wasn't sure where his path would lead him. Four years later, he is looking forward to graduation with a long list of accomplishments.

Max Erwin
"I think the thing that sums up my Chico Experience is service," Erwin said. "I've always been somebody who volunteers my time and works with kids in my community."

Erwin joined Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE), a student-led program that sends volunteers into the Chico community, during his freshman year. After volunteering through the program, he was confident he had found something he could be passionate about.

His volunteer experience began with the Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley and the Tutorial Program through CAVE. Erwin eventually worked his way up to group leader and then coordinator of the Special Pals Program. He is now a member of the leadership team as director of the Kids Education Program.

Erwin says his experiences outside the classroom have helped him understand how diversity has enriched his college career.

"The diversity of the students at Chico State is what gives us the incredible programs we have," he said. "The diversity of Chico State has helped me understand how people can bring their collective experiences together to make big things happen."

Erwin also helped to organize events for CAVE that bring staff members together and promote team building. He has coordinated events such as World Café Reflection, the Volunteer Celebration Event, and a three-day staff retreat at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Being passionate about working with children helped Erwin find his leadership skills in his role as a mentor. Erwin said, he has found success when he puts his heart and passion into his projects.

Working with CAVE has allowed Erwin to participate in many different activities throughout his time at Chico State. He also worked on the Cesar Chavez Day Planning Committee and serves on the board of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), which he helped to create.

Taking his enthusiasm into the future, Erwin will graduate in May with a degree in business administration and an option in entrepreneurship. He hopes to continue his work in educational programs and with children.

"If you can figure out how to take that passion and plug it into something that's making positive change and rolling the ball forward, you'd be surprised where you can end up," Erwin said.