Senior Spotlight: Rose Crebbin

By: Megan Katz

Rose Crebbin came to Chico from Grass Valley, California, a small town with a predominantly white population. Her move to Chico State has been a positive experience, where she has grown a passion for international issues. Since her arrival, she has set her sights abroad in hopes of living in a non-Western culture.

Although Chico is a small college town, Crebbin appreciates its diversity.

Rose Crebbin : headshot
"It has a lot of international students, and I feel like Chico has a very unique atmosphere and is very friendly and open," Crebbin said.

Although she was originally unsure about coming to Chico State, after arriving she easily found her niche. During her freshman year, Crebbin began taking international relations courses; she loved them and never looked back, she said.

Working 17 hours each week and being a full-time student, Crebbin says she enjoys staying busy, but doesn't have time to add much else to her plate. "I'm definitely most productive when I'm very busy," she said.

Crebbin works in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, where she focuses on event planning and making

resources available to students.

Currently, she is coordinating events for Women's History Month and working to develop a diversity calendar for the upcoming year that will include religious, cultural, and civil rights events. She has also worked on the NOH8 Campaign, which promotes gender and human equality.

Through her work with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Crebbin has had the opportunity to meet many people. Learning to work with a diverse group is an experience she will take with her after graduation, and is something she believes will help her in her travels abroad, wherever they may take her.

Crebbin studied in Paris during her junior year. "Now I can't wait to get out of the U.S. again," she said.

In the future, Crebbin will be somewhere overseas, and is particularly interested in the Middle East or Africa. She has applied to teach English in Paris, work as a domestic assistant in Turkey, and is also exploring options for working with Syrian refugees or Kurdish children in Turkey. She has also received a nomination from the Peace Corps, she said.

"But I'm leaning more toward non-Western countries to get a completely different experience," Crebbin said.

For now, Crebbin is keeping her options open, and her No. 1 place to go is "everywhere," she said.

Crebbin will graduate in May with a degree in international relations.