College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Goals and Objectives

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  • Understand from an anthropological perspective the phenomenon of culture as it differentiates human life from other life forms. Understand the roles of human biology and cultural processes in human behavior and evolution.
  • Develop an ability to critically address ethical and moral issues of diversity, power, equality, and survival from an anthropological perspective.
  • Know substantive data and theoretical perspectives in the subdisciplines of anthropology. Know the history of anthropological theory and be conversant in major issues in each area.
  • Be familiar with the forms of anthropological literature and basic data sources. Know how to access interpret, evaluate, and apply such information, using a range of sources and information technologies.
  • Grasp the methodologies of the subdisciplines of anthropology. Be able to apply appropriate methods when conducting anthropological research.
  • Be able to present and communicate the results of anthropological research.