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B.A. in Criminal Justice

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The Criminal Justice program is one of the five undergraduate programs in the Department of Political Science. The Criminal Justice curriculum draws on courses that explore the institutions involved in the administration of justice (e.g. policing, corrections) as well as classes that consider the social and psychological issues associated with criminal behavior and societies’ responses to it. Our graduates provide for public safety in a variety of contexts. Recent graduates work for police departments, correctional institutions, in nonprofits, and more. While at CSU, Chico, Criminal Justice majors participate in a variety of internships and other extracurricular activities. For example, many criminal justice majors intern at the Community Legal Information Clinic and students who have earned the requisite grade point average join our national honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha. Individuals who are interested in why individuals commit crime, how governments respond to behaviors they deem undesirable, and the effects of the criminal justice system’s actions on different communities will find the Criminal Justice major a perfect academic home.