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Learning Outcomes

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Geography majors:

  • can formulate geographic research questions.
  • can collect, compile, and interpret geographic data.
  • can present geographic data in a map.
  • can recognize the presence and application of regional, local, and global dimensions of the social and physical worlds in data and the landscape.
  • can explain interactions between the size and distribution of human and non-human populations, resources and the natural environment in historic and contemporary perspectives.
  • are cognizant of varying interpretations of diversity, causality, interaction, policy and values in human-environmental relationships.
  • will understand ways in which they use the environment can affect future generations and other human and natural systems.
  • provide appropriate geographic skills to community-based organizations and associations.
  • can write clearly in the discipline of geography and use and cite scholarly sources of information correctly.
  • can speak clearly in the discipline of geography.