College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Indicators of Success

Lowell Thomas

Photo of Lowell ThomasLowell Thomas was the winner of the 2016 BSS Outstanding Master’s Thesis.

Karen Gardner

Photo of Karen GardnerKaren Gardner was awarded the prize for the Outstanding Thesis at the university in May 2014.

Graduate Students Highlights and Accomplishments

Tamara Maxey was a recipient of the Graduate Equity Fellowship Program (2016-2018), and was awarded a Student Research and Creativity Grant for her research on 9/11 Memorials.  She was also the director of the documentary video Stories in Thread, which was NETA selected and is PBS aired.

Tamara Maxey and Dayne Gradone Discussed ALVA film "Stories in Thread: Hmong Textiles" with Robert Handa on NBC Bay Area Asian Pacific America, April 2017.  

Kelsie Mae Hart  was a recipient of the Graduate Equity Fellowship Program (2016-2018).

Jacquelyn Coon was selected for the competitive Smithsonian museum internships at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C (2015) and the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C (2016).  She was also editor of the Stories in Thread video documentary, NETA selected and PBS aired.

Jacquelyn Coon and Dominique Herrera developed "From Chico to China: Travels of Valene Smith", a Traveling Exhibit for the SFAA (Society for Applied Anthropology) conference in 2016.

Alexander Ryll was co-author with Professor David Eaton of Chico’s South Campus Neighborhood: Character and Potential.  This data-intensive field research report, developed with the students of Anthropology 113 spring term 2016, was submitted to the CSU Chico Institute for Sustainable Development in August 2016 and is incorporated in a larger collaborative report to the Chico City Council.   In Dec 2016-Jan 2017 he completed five weeks of original field research in northern Morocco and Ceuta, Spain.  He gave presentations on this research in several BSS classes and in the BSS Student Research Symposium spring 2017, and is conducting more ethnographic field research there for his thesis in cultural anthropology on migration and refugees fall 2017. 

Josh Nowakowski and Ariel Peasley were selected to curate UNESCO World Heritage Site Nelson Dockyard Museum with Professor Georgia Fox, summer 2017. 

Sarah Hall traveled in 2016 to Bogota, Colombia, to examine and inventory human remains from a 19th-century cemetery, working with Claudia Rojas-Sepúlveda of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. See Inside Chico State.

Valeria Sgheiza excavated delicate 17th-century skeletons of British soldiers on the beaches of Antigua in the West Indies in 2016.  There she participated in Chico State’s Forensic Field School in Antigua, directed by Professor Georgia Fox, and worked with Professor Matthew Brown of Farmingdale State College in New York on bioarchaeological excavations at Galleon Beach.  See Inside Chico State.

Kristen Broehl, Vanessa Reeves, Valerie Sgheiza each won a Student Research and Creativity Award in 2017.

Ashlyn Weaver and Jennifer Rogerson-Jennings each won an SFAC Association for Sustainability grant in 2017.

Jennifer Rogerson-Jennings won a Graduate Conference grant in 2017.

Vanessa Reeves won the Student Paper Award at the Eagle Lake Zooarchaeology Conference in 2017.

The Annual Chico Forensics Conference in mid-autumn continues as usual through the organizational efforts of AGSA, the Anthropology Graduate Student Association.  The most recent event was held in November 2017.

At the Society for California Archaeology Meetings in 2015 in Redding, California, fifteen then-current and recent graduate students participated in the session “Current Graduate Student Research at California State University, Chico” (eleven presentations and three posters).

Dayne Gradone

Photo of Dayne Gradone

Dayne Gradone (who has a CSU Chico Anthropology BA and as an undergraduate was an All-American in cross-country) was a recipient of the 2017-18 Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins award July 2017, and was awarded a Graduate Equity Fellowship (2017-2018).  He completed one month of original field research in and around Iten, Kenya, summer 2016, and travelled in India summer 2017.  He is conducting ethnographic field research for his master’s thesis in cultural anthropology in Kenya fall 2017.  The photo below shows Dayne with friends in a small community of rice farmers near Bodhgaya, Bihar, India, where Buddha achieved enlightenment. 

Anna Christine Kamanzi

Photo of Anna Kamanzi

Anna Christine Kamanzi (also a CSU Chico undergraduate BA) won a US Fulbright Research Award 2013-14 (the first ever awarded to a CSU Chico student) for a year of independent research in Rwanda, central Africa.  In fieldwork in Kigali and in several rural settings, she explored the life situations and changing status of  Potters (Twa), a stigmatized minority, and their paths to integration in a post-genocide national society. Read more