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Learning Outcomes

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The Psychological Science program provides the student with basic content and skills in major areas of academic psychology. The intent of the courses and other program requirements is to enable students to be accepted into, and successfully complete, doctoral programs in psychology, or to teach psychology at the college level.

  1. Students demonstrate the ability to implement and interpret research methods and advanced statistics in psychological research.
  2. Students demonstrate basic competency in administering, scoring, and interpreting psychological assessments.  
  3. Students can critically evaluate existing research and generate new knowledge through psychological research.
  4. Students can use written and oral communication skills that demonstrate competence in APA style and language of the psychological profession.
  5. Students show adequate preparation for beginning work in doctoral programs in psychology and/or the ability to teach psychology at the community college level.

Please see this link for the M.A. in Psychology Psychological Sciences Program Review document (PDF).