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Our School Psychology program is based on a philosophy of preparation derived from a model which combines systems theory with a preventive approach to service delivery. This model combines levels of service delivery, from primary prevention to tertiary intervention, with numerous systemic levels ranging from specific individuals to the community at large. The Program is based on the belief that school psychological services should be proactive and prevention-oriented in order to reduce the potential for academic, emotional, and social problems of children and adolescents enrolled in California schools.  As such, we emphasize and provide practice in a variety of skills which enable school psychologists to serve all children, to work proactively to prevent problems and provide coping skills to children, and to provide consultation to teachers. At the same time, our students receive very solid training in skills such as assessment and counseling to serve students whose development and education is of concern. Trainees work in schools several days a week during two and one-half years of School Psychology practica and internship. During that time, close on-site and university-based supervision and instruction provide practice in program development, behavioral and instructional consultation, instruction, assessment, counseling, collaboration with other professionals, and crisis intervention. School sites in the area provide experience with a variety of cultural groups.

It is the mission of the School Psychology Program to provide instruction and training experiences to graduate students who are seeking the California Credential in School Psychology, and to serve the educational, emotional, social and cognitive development needs of the children of California in preschool, elementary and secondary schools.  In terms of its values in professional service delivery and preparation, the School Psychology Program also articulates a clear vision in its emphasis on preventive programs and intervention at all systemic levels in order to serve all children. This program philosophy is reflected in the nature of the training and the competencies which credential candidates are required to demonstrate.