College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Learning Outcomes

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  • Provide an integrated course of study that trains students generally in the diagnosis, assessment, prognosis, and treatment of mental disorders.
  • Prepare students to be familiar with the broad range of matters that may arise within marriage and family relationships.
  • Train students specifically in the application of marriage and family relationship counseling principles and methods.
  • Encourage students to develop those personal qualities that are intimately related to the counseling situation such as integrity, sensitivity, flexibility, insight, compassion, and personal presence.
  • Teach students a variety of effective psychotherapeutic techniques and modalities that may be utilized to improve, restore, or maintain healthy individual, couple, and family relationships.
  • Permit an emphasis or specialization that may address any one or more of the unique and complex array of human problems, symptoms, and needs of Californians served by marriage, family, and child counselors.
  • Prepare students to be familiar with cross-cultural mores and values, including a familiarity with the wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds common among California’s population, including, but not limited to, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.