College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Goals and Objectives

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To fulfill its mission, the MSW Program will work toward the following goals:

  1. Prepare social workers to provide leadership for social service agencies and communities in Northern California and the profession.
  2. Prepare social workers with the knowledge, values, ethics and skills for advanced generalist professional practice with multi-level systems.
  3. Prepare social workers for culturally competent practice in diverse settings with an emphasis on the Northern California region.
  4. Prepare social workers as leaders in advocacy and social and political action to promote human rights, social and economic justice.
  5. Prepare social workers to commit themselves to the profession enhancement and their own professional conduct and growth.
  6. Partner with community service agencies to produce competent social workers
  7. Prepare social workers to think critically and effectively utilize various sources of information to build on strengths and address complex problems.