College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Learning Outcomes

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SLO#1:     MCGS majors can identify, describe, and analyze major issues including but not limited to the experiences of women, American ethnic groups, and sexual identity groups through various theoretical lenses.

SLO#2:     MCGS majors can correctly and effectively apply vocabulary, concepts, theories, and analytical frameworks essential to multicultural and gender analysis in essays, exams, and research papers.

SLO#3:     MCGS majors are able to compose comprehensible, well organized, and substantive verbal and written presentations in the disciplines in multicultural, gender, and sexual identity studies.

SLO#4:     MCGS majors can understand scholarly research and writing and employ effective data collection and/or analysis methods.

SLO#5:     MCGS majors can apply their knowledge of multiculturalism, women’s studies, and/or sexual diversity to an organization or community effort.