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The mission of the B.A. Program in Psychology is to promote the scientific understanding of mental processes and behavior, recognizing biological, developmental, cultural, and experiential influences.  To this end we value and intend to provide:

  • A high quality educational experience that is representative of the breadth, diversity, interrelatedness, depth, application, and evolving nature of the discipline of psychology;
  • An emphasis on critical thinking, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge, the scientific method and information literacy;
  • An environment that enhances the intellectual, personal, ethical and social development of the students, staff and faculty;
  • An atmosphere and curriculum that encourage appreciation of the benefits derived from individual difference and cultural diversity;
  • Resources and support for enhancing a climate of scholarship, research, creativity, and collegiality among faculty, staff and students; and,
  • Service to address the needs of the regional, state, national and global communities.