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Please see this link (PDF) for the B.A. in Social Science program exit survey results.

Student Publications/Conferences/Presentations

Ms. Christine Sylvia, SOSC major, graduated in SP07.  Her work from SOSC Honors class to be published in the Spring 2010 issue of The Journal of Community College Research and Practice.  The title of her study is “Challenges in Calculating Two-Year College Student Transfer Rates to Four-Year Colleges.”  She co-authored the article with Chunyan Song and Tony Waters.

Far West Pop Culture Conference

Western Social Science Association

Pacific Sociological Association

BSS Symposium

The Journal of Community College Research and Practice 

Reno, Nevada
April 14-18, 2010

Kenneth Leffle 
-“Tattooing in the Modern Age” 
Body art is has transitioned from an expressive fad of the counter culture to a popular form of artistic expression engaged in by a diverse array of people. Despite the growing popularity of body art, people who wear tattoos report that they are often discriminated against in the workplace, despite impressive qualifications. They are also socially shunned resulting in feelings of alienation and low self-esteem. The goal of this study is to foster a better understanding of the people who create tattoos and the people who wear them. It relies on individual case studies to help dispel some of the negative stereotypes that tarnish people who engage in this unique form of self-expression

Andria Lloyd 
-“Shakespeare and Film” 
This paper analyzes modern four films based on the plays of William Shakespeare. The films ―The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night, ―Othello, and ―Romeo and Juliet were included in the analysis. For each film, plot, settings and themes were examined to identify the influence of modern culture on historical literature. The study demonstrates the power that the media has on contemporary norms and values and how contemporary norms (re)shape historical cultural products.

Deena Ainsworth
-“Queen Elizabeth:  A Tale of Two Virginities”
Examines sexual scripts about virginity in Elizabethan times through the use of period literature, and compares these scripts to scripts found in contemporary literature and film about Elizabeth. Regardless of her stated status as “The Virgin Queen”, today’s culture finds her virginity difficult to comprehend and therefore she is frequently portrayed in sexual situations in contemporary literature and film.

Oakland, California
April 8-11, 2010

Deena Ainsworth (2nd author) with Dr. Liahna E. Gordon (Sociology, CSU Chico)
-“Scientific Perspectives on Sex Addiction: A Content Analysis”

A content analysis was performed on all the articles in the Journal of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity from 1994-2009.  There were 297 articles that were coded.  The journal claims to have enough scientific data about sex addiction that inclusion in the DSM-V should be automatic.  We found that most studies lacked proper methods and of the 297 articles coded only 2 articles collected data about sex addicts that could be generalized to larger populations.


CSU, Chico Career Center

K-12 Education

Butte Environmental Council

Victim Witness Assistance

Bidwell Academy for Young Children

Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

International Rescue Committee

Cline & Duplissea Advocacy Firm

Capital City Early Head Start

AS Recycling

Sutter County Department of Child Support Services

CSU, Chico Academic Advising

North Marysville High School

United Health Care

Modoc County CalWORKS

Foothill High School

UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program

Pillars Academy

Catalyst Domestic Violence Services

CSU, Chico Student Learning Center

Chico Community Children’s Center

Torrres Community Shelter

Business Career Network

Vista Verde Middle School

CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center

Plumas Rural Services


CSU, Chico EOP

Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley

Esperanza High School

Pleasant Valley State Prison

Johnsonville School

Redding Library

Lassen Career Network

Stonewall Alliance

Private Industry Council

Safe Place

Women’s Resource Clinic

Almond Blossom Senior Care

Citrus Elementary School

Conflict Resolution Center

Redding Police Department

Butte Community Employment Center

Women’s Health Specialists

Lassen Community College


Academy for Change

Butte College Career Center

West Hills College

Valley Oak Children’s Services

Planned Parenthood

Independent Living Services

United Way of Northern California


Enterprise High School



International Scholar Laureate Program International Relations and Diplomacy Delegate

Panetta Fellowship


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Staff Assistant and Legislative Aid, Capitol Hill

City Clerk, Grass Valley

Development Officer, San Jose State

Peace Corps

Pleasanton Police Department

Student Services, CSU, Chico

Student Services, Stanford University

Vocational Rehab Specialist, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara