College of Behavioral & Social Sciences


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The CSU, Chico Social Science Program provides a multidisciplinary learning environment that teaches students how to think critically and globally about human interactions within society and to apply this expanded world view to their professions.  The program promotes an understanding of cultures, the value of research and service to the community, and the importance of social responsibility and active participation in civic life.

The mission statement reflects the unique nature of the program to provide a multidisciplinary curriculum from across the university with a focus on the disciplines from within the College of BSS.  The major provides an interdisciplinary and integrated learning experience that promotes an understanding of the individual and of society as well as an appreciation of social responsibilities that parallels the university’s strategic priority for a “purposeful integration of liberal and applied learning that provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and moral and intellectual virtues that form the basis for lifelong learning and contribution.”

The mission statement mirrors the university’s mission and priorities in that it highlights integration of liberal and applied learning, public service, diversity and the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to provide leadership and be contributing members of society.