College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Alumni & Friends

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences website. I hope that you will “e-visit” us often for updates on your favorite professors, new developments in your home department, events in the college, stories about community partnerships, and news regarding our wonderful students.

In many ways, you – our graduates – are one of the college’s most valuable resources. You can give us insight into the strengths of our programs, offer unique opportunities for students, and provide critical insights into areas of need. Your success stories are literally inspirational to our current students, and some of you have mentored our students as interns. And, of course, whenever you provide financial support to the college you are making a lasting impact in the lives of students.

Please take a moment to complete our alumni update form so we can easily stay in touch with you – and please stop in to visit the next time you are in Chico.


Dr. Eddie Vela, Dean