Peter Tsournos - Econ Dept Chair                                                                                                                                                                                The Economics Department offers a major and a minor in an exciting and rewarding field. A BA in Economics provides an opportunity for careers in both the private and public sectors. Starting salaries in economics are among the highest of any undergraduate degree. The BA in economics also provides excellent preparation for graduate programs in economics, business, law, and urban planning.

One of the attractive things about studying economics is that you will acquire many of the skills employers highly value; quantitative skills which are important in many business and government positions and learning an analytical approach to problem solving that almost all employers agree are critical to success and used throughout your life.

The major offers four area electives: Financial Economics, International Economics, Environmental Economics & Public Policy, and Quantitative Economics. Join our diverse faculty and become engaged in their commitment to teaching and addressing current and relevant topics that incorporate their research.

Peter Tsournos, PhD
Professor of Economics and Economic Department Chair

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