Brian OppyWelcome to the Department of Psychology where students and faculty study the science of behavior and the mind. As one of the largest majors on campus, the department offers a student-centered BA degree in psychology, currently serving approximately 800 majors. We also have three master's degrees: MA with option in psychological science, MA with option in applied psychology (gateway to the school psychology credential program), and an MS degree in marriage and family therapy.

Faculty in the department have a wide array of academic interests, including the study of behavioral, biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology. The program emphasizes psychology as an empirical science, but offers other opportunities as well. For example, our undergraduate internship program enables students to apply psychology in many local social agencies, businesses, and educational settings. In addition, the Chico chapter of the Psi Chi national psychology honor society offers academic, service, and social activities. Please visit our website for more information.

Brian J. Oppy
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology

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