2002 BSS Student Symposium Presentations

Symposium 2002 Symposium 2002 Symposium 2002 Symposium 2002

Session One

“Holding Up Half the Sky: The Status of Rural Women in China after Economic Reforms
Robin Birdwell, Economics

“Housing Starts, Business Cycles, and the Transmission of Monetary Policy”
Keith Evans, Economics

“Occupational Selection: A Further Explanation of the Gender Earnings Gap”
Cheryl Gordow, Economics

Session Two

“Equivalence of the Self-Construal Scale in Spanish and English”
Leah Captanian, Psychology

“Social Science Gone Astray: The Twisting of Anthropology and Its Implementation in Nazi Germany”
Megan Conn, Anthropology

“The Inhuman Condition: Toward A Holistic Forensic Anthropology”
Mitchell Keur, Anthropology

Session Three

“Possible Selves in Mexican American College Students”
Yvette Dueñas, Public Administration

“A Seed of Evil: Psychological Analysis of Hitler and Stalin”
Amber Haydu, Psychology

“Acculturation and Health in Mexican American College Students”
Megan Wood, Psychology

Session Four

“The Use of Redistricting Criteria in Butte County, CA”
Dorothy Watkins, Geography & Planning
Rosa Zingg, Geography & Planning

“Determining the Perceived Barriers and Benefits of HIV Testing Among Alternative High School Students”
Christine Phillips, Health & Community Services

“Nine Innings: The Careers of Professional Athletes”
Todd Steffan, Social Sciences

“The Use of Space in Mortuary Practices Observed at the Black Butte Lake Site”
Daniel Tyree, Anthropology

Session Five

“Self-disclosure in Romantic Relationship & Friendship Among American & Japanese College Students”
Mie Kito, Psychology

“Jailbait: Has California’s Statutory Rape Law Deterred Teen Pregnancy?”
Meredith Reynolds, Public Administration

“Teachers’ Perceptions of Gender Differences in Preschoolers’ Aggression Styles”
Stacie Segoria, Child Development

“Assessing Federal Aid: An Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Violence Against Women Act”
Tammy Strobel, Public Administration

Symposium 2002 Symposium 2002

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