2003 BSS Student Symposium Presentations

Symposium 2003 Symposium 2003 Symposium 2003 Symposium 2003

Session One

“Understanding the Responses of Hmong Families in Juvenile Probation Interviews”
TangJudy Vang, Social Work

“The Importance of Being Heard”
Timmie Diãz, Social Work

“Antecedents and Correlates of Bi-dimensional Acculturation”
Brennan Dean, Psychology
Andrew, Grant, Psychology

Session Two

“The Role of the Euro and Monetary Policy in the European Union”
Laura Kato, Economics

“Second Dwelling Units and Alleys in Chico”
Steve Troester, Geography

“Bush v. Gore: A Post Election Liberal Prospective”
Art Jannicelli, Political Science

Session Three

‘The Representation of Native Americans in Tribal vs. Non-tribal Museums’
Megan Conn, Anthropology

“The Automatic Activation of Gender – based Stereotypes: An Investigation of the Relationship
Between Need for Cognition and Sexism”
Joshua A. Stoudt, Psychology

“Investigation of Gender Income Inequality: The Case of Tenured/Tenure – Track Faculty at
CSU, Chico”
Christa Jennings, Sociology

Session Four

“Mexican American Health in Northern California Counties”
Yvette, Zuñiga, Psychology

“A Qualitative Assessment of Self Managed Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery”
Sarajean Curtis, Health and Community Services

“How Sandwich Generation Families in Butte County Are Coping With Their Dual
Karen Hosier, Sociology

Session Five

“Older Adults as Mentors for Adolescent Mothers: Bridging the Gap Between Two Vulnerable Population”
Kathleen Ryon, Social Work

“Hoped For And Feared Possible Selves In The Mexican-American Community: A Comparison Of Older And Younger Generations”
Jennifer Carroll, Psychology
Elva García, Psychology
Danielle Hughes, Psychology
Mireya Jauregui, Psychology
Tatiana Colón Rivera, Psychology & Criminal Justice

“Developing CD-ROM-Based Intergenerational Health Education Programs”
Randy Van Leuven, Health and Community Services
Niema Winchester, Health and Community Services

Session Six

“The Relationship Between Self – efficacy, Optimism, Acculturation, and Perceived Stress
Among Undergraduate Hmong Students”
Julie Yang, Psychology

“The Chemistry of Metaphors: Teaching Chemistry Through the Use of Metaphorical Graphics”
Michael J. Stroud, Psychology

“Fear of a Blank Page: Reflections of Social Work Students on Academic and Professional Writing”
Gabriel Aguilar, Social Work
Jessica Cammack, Social Work
Noble Flournoy, Jr., Social Work
Sarah Nicole Olson, Social Work
Christine Sampson, Social Work
Kimberly Taylor, Social Work

Symposium 2003 Symposium 2003 Symposium 2003

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