2004 BSS Student Symposium Presentations

Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004

Session One

“Chico Peace Activism From Local to Global: SOAW Vigil”
Adrian Johnson, Anthropology

“Neolithic Baupo: Communist Archeology and the Archeology Theme Park”
Heidi Pierson, Anthropology

“The Effects of the Civil War on the Health of the United States Population: Evidence from
Secular Trends in Stature”
Daniel Tyree, Anthropology

“Revolution! A newly Industrialized Country Revolt Against and Within the New World Order”
Kenn Vance, Political Science

Session Two

“Change in Depression Between Depressed and Normal Ovariectomized Rats After Estradiol, Progesterone, or Control Administration”
Ethan Beckley, Psychology

“Perceived Norms of Emotional Displays as a Function of Gender”
Natalie Kiunke, Psychology
Kristin Worman, Psychology

“From Courtship to Sexual Relationships: The Evolution of Popular Song Lyrics”
Celine Pettyjohn, Sociology

Session Three

The Relationship between Acculturation and Multidimensional Health Locus of Control in Younger and Older Mexican American Adults”
Jasmin Curiel, Psychology
Aleesha Fecher, Psychology
Lorena Jimenez, Psychology

“Cultural Sensitivity in a 90/10 Program: The Most Beneficial Instructional Method for Spanish Speaking Students and Families”
Between Need for Cognition and Sexism”
Sarah Freeman, Child Development

“Loneliness and Acculturation in Mexican Younger and Older Adults”
Brian Kniffin, Psychology
Sean Simonds, Psychology

Session Four

“Forecasting Recessions: When Yield Curves Speak”
Joshua Birdsill , Economics

“The Oregon Timber Industry: How has the Decline Timber Available for Commercial Use Impacted Forest Dependent Communities?”
Stacy Cook, Economics

“U.S. Rise Subsidies: A Policy Review and Economic Analysis”
Iris Ponsano, Economics

Session Five

“Elderly Suicide in the United States: A Growing Concern”
Grace Cobb, Sociology

“Gang Members in Juvenile Detention: A California History”
Tatiana Colón, Political Science

“Process Evaluation of a High School Alcohol Prevention Social Norming Campaign”
Ericka Lansdon, Health and Community Services

“A Process Evaluation of the Towards No Drug Abuse Curriculum in Selected Butte County High Schools”
Cynthia McCartney, Health and Community Services
Niema Winchester, Health and Community Services

Session Six

Changing Landscape of a Company Neighborhood”
Jennifer Arbuckle, Geography and Planning

“The Toxicity of the Former Diamond Match Company Yard”
Jillian Buckholz, Geography and Planning

“Memoirs and Reflections of Valley Landscapes”
Brooke Love, Geography and Planning

“The Landscape Difference in the Company Sawmill Town Through the Fire in Stirling City in the Early 20th Century”
Yoshitaka Miyake, Geography and Planning

“Faces and Places of the Maidu: An Environmental and Geographical History”
Cindy Richards, Social Science

“Overview: Butte Creek Environmental History and the Sacramento Watershed Tributaries”
William Travers, Geography and Planning

Session Seven

Young Children’s Comprehension of Stories: Computer vs. Personal Instruction”
Tiffany Lee, Child Development

“The Impact of Invoking Empathy on Obesity Attitudes Among a College Sample”
Ryan McCann, Psychology

“Emotional Expression Amongst Close Friends”
Kristina Nordlin, Psychology

“From Courtship to Sexual Relationships: The Evolution of Popular Song Lyrics”
Jessica Ordaz, Child Development

Session Eight

Out-of-Home Placement of Developmentally Disabled Children: Influencing Factors in Parental Decision”
Carrie Grossman, Social Work

“Diminished Affordable Housing: A Barrier to Family Reunification?”
Angie Rioux, Social Work

“Fire Hazards and Community Life in Yankee Hill, California”
Polly Seddon, Geography and Planning
Steve Timme, Geography and Planning
Adam Tischler , Geography and Planning
Brett Walker, Geography and Planning

Session Nine

Using the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships Model in Land Use Planning”
Stephen Conner, Geography and Planning

“A Spatial Analysis of California Spotted Owl and Northern Goshawk Nest Sites”
William Berigan, Geography and Planning

“The Big Chico Creek Flume”
R. Heath Browning, Anthropology

“Manipulation vs. Non-manipulation Forest Management: Effects on Fire Severity at Blacks Mountain, CA”
Julie Symons, Geography and Planning

“Bungalow to Ranch, and In Between”
Susan Young, Geography and Planning


Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004 Symposium 2004

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