2006 BSS Student Symposium Presentations

Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006

Session One

"Diet & physical activity in Mexican Americans I: Developing an interview protocol"
Betsaida Lebron-Merino, Psychology and Yolanda Salazar, Psychology

“Diet and physical activity in Mexican Americans II: Preliminary interview results”
Paula Cruz, Undeclared and Jasmin Curiel, Psychology

“College student criminal victimization and the underreporting of crime”
Robert Akin, Kelly McCaffrey, and Alicia Sequeira, Criminal Justice

“Subcultural Resistance: The Punk Movement and the Culture Industry”
Arthur Reed, Sociology & Studio Arts

Session Two

“College students, violent crime, and street lighting”
Jason Besaw, Criminal Justice and Alison Post, Criminal Justice

“The CAVE experience: Voluntary involvement vs. required service-learning”
Amy Buettner, Sociology

“The role of student perception of teachers on academic self-concept”
Betsaida Lebron-Merino, Psychology

Session Three

“Thailand: Life after the tsunami”
Tyler Cavaness, International Economics

“Economic analysis of the Feather River dam”
Kathryn Del Paine, Economics

“Neuroeconomics: Unlocking the black box”
Cara Haverstock, Economics

“The mounting consumer debt burden: Causes and implications”
Chris Rowland, Economics

Session Four

“Changes in myelin architecture in P75 mutant mice”
Hsiang-Hua Chen, Psychology

“The relationship between the cingulate gyrus and adult attachment style”
Pauline E. Light, Psychology

“Preliminary analysis of skeletal remains from the burials at Granite Forum”
James Shimp, Anthropology

“Residential housing policies in Eugene, Oregon’s central business district”
Adam Tischler, Geography

Session Five

“Utilization of prescription drug programs among low-income older adults in California”
Emily Clark, Social Work

“Barriers to treatment of schizophrenia in African, Latino, and Asian American culture's”
Brandi Halsted, Social Work

“The need for early recognition of children with reactive attachment disorder”
Kimberlee R. Perry, Social Work

“The perception of Hmong on the health service in the United States”
Penny Vang, Social Work

Session Six

“Access, availability, and acceptability of mental health services for African American, Asian American, and Latino American older adults”
Jennifer Barzey, Social Work

“Risk factors and current treatment models for adolescent substance abuse”
Margaret Crahan, Social Work

“Children’s services division: Overview, client demographics, and service delivery”
Deserea’ Reville, Social Work

“Substance abusing mothers: Vulnerability and barriers to treatment”
Carly Wardlaw, Social Work

Session Seven

“Assessing the role of learning in service-learning courses at CSU, Chico”
Rachel Kinney, Sociology

“Do you know where your children are? The under-representation of juveniles in the archaeological record”
Jessica Dimka, Anthropology

"Infidelity among college students"
Michelle Viola, Health Science

Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006 Symposium 2006

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