2007 BSS Student Symposium Presentations

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Session One

“A Question of Desire: Examining the Sexual Agency of Chicanas at Midlife”
Julieta Carrillo, Sociology

“The Needs of Single-Female-Headed Household Families with a History of Domestic Violence in Butte County”
Michelle Ma, Social Work

“Redefining Roles: Heterosexual Relationships from a Feminist Perspective”
Alexandra Caselli, Sociology

“Factors Associated with Autism: Moving Toward an Explanation”
Tristan Stroud, Child Development

Session Two

“Reciprocity of Care:  Childfree Women and Their Canine Family Members”
Jodie Rettinhouse, Sociology

“Caregivers, Stress, and Effective Intervention Programs”
Susan Bachlor, Health & Community Services

“Outcome Indicators in Methamphetamine Users in the Butte County Proposition Drug Treatment Program”
Judith Mathieu, Social Work

“The Avenues Neighborhood Specific Plan Good Neighbors Study”
Daniel Allmon, Geography & Katie Benson, Geography

Session Three

“Expansion of the Chico Avenues Neighborhood Association Survey of May, 2005: Issues of Concern Identified and Prioritized for Proposed Management Action”
Michael Commons, Geography

“Institution and Effectiveness of the Land Conservation Act in Butte County, CA”
Jared Hancock, Geography

“A Problem with Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Food:  A Study of two census tracts in Chico, CA”
Alexander Oceguera, Geography

Session Four

“The Placebo Effect:  How Expectations Influences Cognitive Performance”
Amy Quarre’, Psychology

“The Role of Graphic Valence and Mood on what a Learner Extracts From Texts in a Multimedia Environment”
Natalie Kiunke, Psychology

“Understanding the Dynamics of Disaster”
Chad Mortensen, Psychology

“Slowing the Pendulum Swing” A Sociological Analysis of the American Federal Government in Public Education”
Jennifer Duggan, Sociology

Session Five

“Association of Dental Enamel Hypoplasias and Radiopaque Transverse Lines”
Jennifer Halpain, Anthropology

“Effects of Exercise and Enriched Environment on Neurological Impacts of Ethanol Withdrawal”
Rebecca Janeway, Psychology

“Relation of Femoral Torsion to Sex and Ancestry”
Mangan Pulford, Anthropology

“Sifting Through the Ashes:  Age and Sex Estimation Based on Cremains Weight”
Traci Van Deest, Anthropology

Session Six

“Taxing Away Global Warming”
Arthur Balizan, Economics

“How Students at CSU, Chico View Wal-Mart”
Junichi Fukuda, Economics

“Economic Simulations in Mathematics”
Kota Minegishi, Economics

Session Seven

“The Influence of Thematic Graphics on the Comprehension of Written Text”
Bill Battinich, Psychology

“Terrorism:  A Perspective beyond Subjective Experience”
Talal Alsaleem, Psychology

“Suggestible History:  Recovered Memories of Victims of Genocide”
Jamie Nolan, Sociology

“Collaborative Management through Social Networking”
Alyssum Root, Public Administration

Session Eight

“To Report of Not to Report:  Soldiers Reveal Reporting Rationales and Vulnerability Factors for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”
Kathleen Fischer, Psychology

“Heterophobia:  A New Social Phenomenon”
Anna Sorensen, Sociology

“Southern Heritage Versus Racism:  A Study of Student’s Perception of the Confederate Flag”
Ashley Weber, Sociology

“The Geography of Poverty in the Northern Central Valley of California in the Context of the Nationwide Spatial Distribution”
Joanne Panchana, Geography

Session Nine

“Mexican American Health Beliefs I: Diet”
Nicole Alfaro, Psychology & Jasmin Curiel, Psychology

“Mexican American Health Beliefs II: Exercise, Illness, and Healing”
Nancy Leos de Thiele, Psychology & Myriam Torres, Psychology

“Demographic and Geographic Correlations between Poverty and the Fast Food Industry”
Christopher Kong, Geography