Category II Fees

Campus Mandatory Fees

Per Executive Order 1102, Category II fees are defined as campus mandatory fees that must be paid to enroll in or attend the university.

Current and historical systemwide tuition fee information can be found on the CSU BUDGET OFFICE FEE RATES.

CSU, Chico Category II fees include:

Health Services Charged to all students, to make campus-based health services available. Student Health Center
Health Facilities Charged to support a health center facility. Student Health Center
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Ed Code 89721 - for instructionally related activities as authorized by the trustees. IRA Information
Materials Services and Facilities includes Student Learning Fee (SLF), Consolidated Course Fee(CCF) & ID Card Fee Mandatory fee that covers various services, facilities, or materials. (Approved by EO 1049)

Consolidated Course Fee Guidelines

SLF Information

A.S. Activity Fee Supports student body organizations.  Associated Students Website
Student Union Fee Supports the financing, construction, and operation of student body centers.

Bell Memorial Union (BMU)

Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC)