Category III Fees

Miscellaneous Course Fees (MCF)

Per Executive Order 1102, Category III fees are defined as fees associated with state-supported courses.  Specifically for materials and services used in concert with the basic foundation of an academic course offering.

Examples of such fees are course fees charged to provide consumable materials or services to students that supplement the basic curriculum or field trip course fees charged when basic field trips or travel are necessary.


  • Materials or services with a tangible benefit.
  • Not to be charged in lieu of classroom and laboratory supplies and materials or any other supplies necessary to equip laboratory space to complement classroom course instruction.
  • Charged only for the actual cost of the material or service being provided.
  • Administrative charges cannot be added.


Fee Type Amount Approved by:
Materials & Services <$150 Campus President
Materials & Services >$150 Chancellor
Field Trips & Travel <$3000 Campus President
Field Trips & Travel >$3000 Chancellor

Process to Establish/Adjust*

Complete the Category III - Miscellaneous Course Fee Request form.

  • The request form consists of 3 components:
    • MCF1 - Course fee description and approval signatures.
    • MCF2 - Statement of projected revenues and expenses for the first 3 years of the fee
    • MCF3 - Estimated travel expenses for fees involving travel or field trips
  • Submit the completed request for signature approval to the following:
    1. Chair approval
    2. Dean approval
    3. Provost approval
    4. AVP Financial Services/University Budget approval
    5. CFAC reviews and makes recommendation to President
    6. Vice President for Business and Finance and President approve or deny request

*EO 1049 established a new Category II fee at CSU, Chico that consolidated the majority of our 300 individual miscellaneous course fees. The Consolidated Course Fee provides an annual allocation to colleges so they have more flexibility in covering course related expenditures as well as reducing the administrative burden of managing 300 individual fees. The campus will consider proposals for individual miscellaneous course fees if they are a costly field trip, or for specialized materials/services related to a course (using $200 as a guide) that shouldn't be paid by all students.