Category IV Fees


Per Executive Order 1102, Category IV fees are defined as fees, other than Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services or for the use of facilities provided by the university; and fees or deposits to reimburse the university for additional costs resulting from dishonored payments, late submissions, or misuse of property or as a security or guaranty.

Examples of such fees are check return fees, diploma fees, lost/broken item fees, transcript fees, withdrawal fees, etc.


Approving Authority

  • Fees are approved by the President after review by the Vice President for Business and Finance.
  • Must be authorized in writing.
  • Fee establishments and adjustments must be reported to CFAC at the first CFAC meeting following the establishment or adjustment of the fee.

Process to Establish/Adjust

  • Complete the Category IV - Campus Fee Request Form
    • The request form consists of 2 components:
      • CFR1 - Fee description, details, and necessary signatures.
      • CFR2 - Fee budget of planned revenues and expenditures
    • Submit the completed request for signature approval to the following:
      1. Department head approval
      2. Dean approval
      3. Provost approval
      4. Vice President for Business and Finance and President approve or deny request