Category V Fees

Self Support Programs

Per Executive Order 1102, Category V fees are defined as fees paid to self-support programs such as extended education, Cal State Online extended education offerings, parking and housing including materials and service fees, user fees, fines, and deposits.  Self-support programs are defined as those not receiving state general fund appropriations; instead, fees are collected to pay the full cost of a program.  Costs of self-support instructional programs include support and development of the academic quality of the university.

Examples of such fees are extended education, housing and food service, and parking fees.


Approving Authority

  • Fees are approved by the President after review by the Vice President for Business and Finance.
  • Must be authorized in writing.
  • Fee establishments and adjustments must be reported to CFAC at the first CFAC meeting following the establishment or adjustment of the fee.

Process to Establish/Adjust

Complete the Category V - Campus Fee Request Form

  • The request for consists of 2 components:
    • CFR1 - Fee description, details, and necessary signatures.
    • CFR2 - Fee budget of planned revenues and expenditures
  • Submit the completed request for signature approval to the following:
    1. Department head approval
    2. Dean approval
    3. Provost approval
    4. Vice President for Business and Finance and President approve or deny request