Student Fees

Student Fees consist of a systemwide State University Fee and various campus mandatory fees that students must pay to enroll in the University. Select a fiscal year to view the CSU, Chico mandatory fees for enrollment.

Chancellor's Office Executive Order (EO) 1054 is a revision of the CSU fee policy which re-categories student fees, changes delegation of authority for some fees, and further outlines guidelines for miscellaneous course fees. Under EO 1054, fee categories include the categories listed below. Click on the appropriate fee to access forms and instructions.

  • Category III fees (Miscellaneous Course Fees-Excluded) – Fees associated with state-supported courses. Specifically for materials and services used in concert with the basic foundation of an academic course offering.
  • Category IV fees (Administrative Fees) – Fees, other than Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services, or for the use of facilities provided by the University; and fees or deposits to reimburse the university for additional costs resulting from dishonored payments, late submissions, or misuse of property or as a security or guaranty.
  • Category V fees – Fees paid to self-support programs such as Extended Education, Parking, and Housing including materials and services fees, user fees, fines, deposits.

Each category and details concerning authority, processes, limits, requirements as outlined in EO 1054 has been summarized in the Fee Category Table (.xls).

Questions regarding fee category should be directed to the Budget Office, ext. 5931.