Alcohol Assessment

This assessment test can be used if you are worried about someone's drinking habits.

Please choose (Yes) or (No)

  1. Do you ever worry about how much they drink?

  2. Do you complain about how much they drink?

  3. Have you ever been hurt or embarrassed by their drinking?

  4. Are holidays unpleasant because of their drinking?

  5. Do they lie about their drinking?

  6. Do they deny that drinking affects their lives?

  7. Do they say or do things, then deny saying or doing them?

  8. Has drinking become more important to them than you are?

  9. Do they become angry if you mention their drinking?

  10. Do all their social activities involve drinking?

  11. Do they spend as much money on liquor than on food?

  12. Does their drinking cause financial difficulties?

  13. Does their drinking keep them away from home?

  14. Have you threatened to leave them because of their drinking?

  15. Have you ever lied for them because of their drinking?

  16. At parties, have you urged them to eat instead of drink?

  17. Have they ever stopped drinking of a period of time, then started again?

  18. Did you ever think of calling the police because of their drinking?

  19. Does drinking cause a problem for them?

    All responsible studies indicates that if the answer is "YES" to TWO or MORE of the above questions, a serious problem may be involved.