21st Birthday Campaign

21st birthday tips To download a PDF version of the 21st Birthday e-card click here

The Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center works hard to educate students on safe ways to enjoy their college years. However, a particularly important time for outreach is around a student's 21st birthday. We understand that many students look forward to this as a pivotal time in their lives. With the 21st Birthday Campaign, it is CADEC's goal to further remind students of the importance of being aware of one's situation, environment, and their friends. Whether your 21st birthday is coming up, your friends, or your students, we encourage you to look over these tips. We also have a list of 21 Safe Things to do on Your Cake Day to make sure this is a safe and fun celebration for you!21 safe things to do on your cake day                          To download a PDF version of the 21 Safe Things to do on Your Cake Day click here

1. Do a 21 selfies
8. Visit the
Paradise Flumes
15. Go skydiving
2. Go on a
road trip
9. Go to
Cal Skate
16. Visit the
Barry R. Kirshner
Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Have an
ice cream party
10. Tour
Bidwell Mansion

17. Visit
Turtle Bay
Exploration Park

4. Plan a hike
around Bidwell
11. Go to the
Chico Creek
Nature Center
18. Get a free burger at
The Bear
- before 9 p.m.
5. Walk around
12. Go Bowling 19. Have a picnic
in the park
6. See a movie 13. Check
out the Gateway
Science Museum
20. Have dinner
7. Go to Open
Mic night at
Has Beans
14. See a show
at the
Blue Room
21. Go to a concert