Alcohol Poisoning Prevention Campaign

CADEC does not advocate underage drinking and we encourage Chico States students to help friends make smart party tips.

If you chose to drink alcohol:

  1. Always eat before you drink. Alcohol on an empty stomach can impact you even more quickly.

  2. Use the buddy system. Stay together. Do not go out alone. Never leave your friends behind at a party.

  3. Plan a safe ride home. Carry your cell phone and the number of a friend who you will know will be home.

  4. HALT - Avoid drinking when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Alcohol intensifies such negative emotions.

  5. Count your drinks. Set limits for yourself before you start drinking and your judgment is impaired. Do not play drinking games or take shots.

  6. Slow down your drinking and minimize the dehydrating effects of alcohol by drinking plenty of water.

  7. Never drink from a common punch bowl. Never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks for someone you do not know or trust.

  8. Be strong and do not give into peer pressure.

  9. If a friend show signs of alcohol poisoning, get help!

Friends watch out for friends!

Click here to find the Alcohol Poisoning Medical Emergency card. Please feel free to print a copy.