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Updated 4/16/13

AlcoholEdu for College

Population-level prevention is a method of prevention that leverages students’ social networks to produce significant improvement in alcohol-related perception and behaviors that inspire social and cultural change. For the past three years, the University has been administering AlcoholEDU for College to our entire first-year student population, with the goal of not only changing individual students’ knowledge and behaviors, but changing the drinking culture on campus as a whole. In accomplishing this, the desired result is that this will create a community with a common educational experience that will foster the development of a campus culture that supports healthy decision-making and increases the students’ ability to take care of each other in risky social settings.

2007 CSU, Chico Executive Summary Presentation (pdf)

2006 CSU, Chico Executive Summary Presentation (pdf)

2005 CSU, Chico Executive Summary Presentation (pdf)

Alcohol Poisoning Prevention Campaign

CADEC does not advocate underage drinking and we encourage Chico States students to help friends make safe party choices.Click here to find the Alcohol Poisoning Medical Emergency card. Please feel free to print a copy.