Peer Educators

The Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center is always seeking out students with a particular interest in the area alcohol and drug education, prevention, substance abuse and  addiction and the helping professions who have a desire to learn, work hard, collaborate and contribute to their campus community.  We strive to develop a team of students that represents the unique diversity of Chico State and the community at large and who share our passion and the passion of the Chico State community to collaborate on making Chico State a campus of wellness – a healthy place to live and learn.  Students are hired and are required to attend evidence-based trainings each semester to help educate and mentor fellow students and other campus and community partners through a variety of platforms. These students also assist in conceiving, creating, organizing and coordinating events related to alcohol and drug abuse awareness throughout the school year.  If you or your organization would like to collaborate with our student peer educators please call our office at 530-898-6450.