Kiki Hughes

Kiki pic

Hey! I'm Kiki and this is my second year here at Chico state.

My major is Kinesiology; I'm studying to become a personal trainer.

I have a passion for hip-hop dancing which can make for a great workout, and keep me in shape which is why I'm interested in being a personal trainer.

I joined the CADEC family because I was confused about the myths and realities of alcohol and drug use at Chico state, and I knew by working with CADEC I'd learn more and be able to support anyone who struggled with alcohol or drug misuse.

I love listening to R&B music and singing my heart out in the mirror during my spare time.

My favorite trait about myself is I'm a really goofy free spirit, once you get to know me.

If you see me around on campus come say hey! I won't bite!