Lindsey Lomanto

Lindsey pic

My name is Lindsey Lomanto and I am a senior at Chico State.

I am working towards my BS in Health Education.

I am a part of CADEC not only to increase my knowledge about safe drinking habits, but to also spread my knowledge to my peers about how to drink and have fun in a responsible way.

I am an extremely passionate about helping others when they are in a time of need.

I am a big adventurer and love to be outdoors. One thing that I would have to say that I love about myself is my ability to be there for others when they are in a time of need.

I always do my best to do anything that would help others in need and make them feel better.

Talents that I have are: playing softball for fourteen years, cheerleading for ten years, and riding dirt bikes since I was six.

Never hesitate to say hi I swear I am a friendly person!