Adulting 101

  • Workshops held from 6-7:30 p.m.
  • All sessions are held on Thursday
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early
  • Workshops are free for Chico State students and alumni
  • Your student club will earn $25 RIGHT AFTER the workshop if two members attend!

Time Management 101

Sept 14th - BMU 203
Get it all together, get it organized, and get it in on time with these tips and ideas!

Loans and Credit 101
Sept 21th - BMU 203
Understanding loans, credit cards and credit scores.

Grocery Shopping 101
Sept 28th - BMU 203
Labels, coupons, brands, aisle placement ... there's more going on in the store than meets the eye!

Healthy Cooking 101
Oct 5th - BMU 203
Learn to cook a three course, healthy meal!

Relationships 101
Oct 12th - BMU 203
Life is about relationships ... and this workshop is about how to do them right!

Digital Identity 101
Oct 19th - BMU 210
Develop and cultivate your own digital brand.

Car Smarts 101
Oct 26th - BMU 203
Buying, leasing or selling, get the inside scoop on what you need to know to be in the driver's seat!

Stress Management 101
Nov 30th - BMU 203
Tips and tricks to help you make it through the semester without losing your cool!

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