On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews are a great way to connect with talented Chico State candidates and recruit for both internships and full-time professional career positions. The Chico State Career Center facility includes private interview rooms that can be scheduled at various times throughout the year. The Career Center hosts a free job posting database, Handshake, accessible by all Chico State students and alumni.  Additionally, each year the Career Center organizes on-campus visits from approximately 700 corporations, government and non-profit organizations, health care institutions, and school districts.

Scheduling Your On-Campus Interview

If you are interested in recruiting on campus, you can participate by calling Kendra Wright, our recruiting coordinator, at 530-898-5253 or by requesting a room reservation online through Handshake.  To discuss the most effective scheduling alternative available for your needs, please contact Kendra Wright.  If a trip to Chico State is not possible, we offer interviews via Skype or Zoom as an alternative.  After you initiate an account in Handshake, you will be able to use our system to request a room reservation on your preferred interview dates, post a related job or internship, review applicants, receive resumes, and update your organization's information. We encourage you to contact us directly if you have any questions or want to brainstorm ideas to promote your opportunities.

Information Sessions

Employer information sessions are an opportunity to generate interest and spotlight your organization on campus. Traditionally information sessions are held in conjunction with on-campus interviews; however, it is not necessary to conduct an information session in order to reserve a room for interviews. Information sessions can be requested online through Handshake or by contacting our recruiting coordinator, Kendra Wright, at 530-898-5253.

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